Sort of Super Scary


Hello all!

So recently I have fallen in with the times and gotten myself hooked on the ever so dramatic and frightening American Horror Story. Up until recently I have always shied away from the entire horror film franchise by smoothly canceling plans like a scared little kid. However as I transition into adulthood I frequently feel the need to puff up my feathers and act brave in the face of danger. Regardless of wether that danger be a lurking spider in the corner, or an episode of the scariest TV show of our time. So to prove myself amongst my comrades I started to watch it. One episode in and I was hooked, a day later and I had binge watched more than I care to admit. The thing about American Horror Story that makes it so intriguing to me is that It manages to take all the terrible things that people fear from ghosts, to murders, to evil clowns, and somehow also address the real issues people deal with. In my opinion any piece of art that can make you stop and question the way that you live your life is worth looking in to. Thats what this show did for me, and that is why I drew this Tate and violet fan art. I hope someone out there enjoys.



So I have recently been working on a few small film projects for friends, assignments, and overall for fun.  My most recent project was intended to spread an image about the importance of having a positive body image despite the constant conflicting messages women see throughout the media.  I myself love that I am a sort of weird teenager and that I have a million obscure quirks, but its hard to always be who i want to be when the world tells me that my greatest possible contribution to society would just be looking pretty.  Therefore I filmed a short segment with some of my friends to clarify whats really important. Hope you enjoy!New

Feeling groovy… Mostly

So I made this little doodle a few days ago when I was in a perfectly lovely mood. In that moment I wanted to capture the emotion I was feeling at that time so that I could preserve it. Now I’m looking at it and I can’t help but feel somewhat unsettled. With the post holiday blues and the impending change on the horizons of 2015 it seems so difficult to just take a moment to feel ‘groovy’. This brought me to the realization that no matter how hard we as people try to preserve happiness, emotions changes just the same as the workings of our everyday lives. Sometimes I will be upbeat and bold, and others I feel more lonesome and somber, but without that contrast I would never know the difference. In the words of Oscar Wilde “The advantage of the emotions is that they lead us astray” Everyday is a new day and will bring new emotions into my heart and for this I am grateful.


Back On the Blogging Bandwagon

Me as a blogger Hello Everyone! Once Upon a time in a land far far away I was a kid with too much time on my hands.  Sadly as I began to grow up and reach the end of my high school career that time began to diminish.  At some point along the way my life became all about deadlines, drama, and making money.  Alas time for creativity was lost, but I won’t stand for it any more!  I remember back to the day when I first started to blog and I was the proud owner of Jojo’s Buckets of Smiles.  A quant little blog of my teenage shenanigans but that project has long since died away and I am ready to embark upon something new!    So here it is a new blog for  a new era in my life.  I hope to utilize this resource as a means of expressing my artsy side and if anybody out there in the great expanse of the inter webs  enjoys what they find then I will have accomplished far more than I ever dreamed!